Our eIntegrator© is follow up product from our AaaTeX Shopping Cart Integrator© is now just for QuickBooks Windows Desktop (i.e. Pro, Premier, Enterprise) while our new eIntegratorQO© just for QuickBooks Online.

To use with QuickBooks Desktop and Online editions.

It is MORE than just for Shopping Carts

For your Web Store, eCommerce, Billing Systems or Databases.

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Replaced the 8 year old AAATEX Shopping Cart Integrator several years ago.

EXTREMELY FLEXIBILE so you can meet your business requirements including many custom carts and databases.

Our Integrator is a Windows based application that runs on your workstation or server with QuickBooks. For QuickBooks Online it does need a Windows environment either on your system or rented service (ask about our Windows rentals). QuickBooks For MAC is not supported but QuickBooks for Windows can be supported via Parallels or similar tool running on your MAC. We can also host a Windows session for you or even manage the integration for you.

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For versions and prices of ‘The Integrator’ click here.

Features: Varies per Edition

  • General Sytem Functions (varies with Edition)
  • Windows based Application
  • Can run in server or QuickBooks hosted envrironments
  • Can be launch via system scheduler, Startup or shell command
  • Command line parameters to start functions, etc.
  • Real Time Simulation (i.e. download every nn minutes)
  • Sales Tax Nexus support for QuickBooks Windows Desktop
  • Up to 60 days/2hrs of free email/phone support
  • Setting for 1 store included in price
  • Pick Tickets file output
  • Shipping / EDI file output
  • File import types supported Excel (XLS*), csv, tab delimited, XML
  • Interfaces to our add-ons with the Assembly Builder, Shipping Modules, Transaction Monitor, etc.
  • Log file of activity
  • Flexible mapping files via Excel or text editing


  • eCommerce/Store/Cart Related Functions
  • Upload carts Quantity for some carts
  • Flag cart database orders as ‘imported’
  • Seamless Interface for most carts
  • Update the carts’ database with an Imported flag and/or date
  • Create Items in store for some carts
  • Transfer technologies Database ODBC, File Import (xls, csv, tab delimted text, XML), API/Web Services, host script (varies per cart), FTP (coming soon)
  • Create for some cart


  • QuickBooks Functions
  • Purchase Orders for Drop Shipping, etc.
  • Purchase Rules based on input data for shipping item and cost
  • Inventory Site support
  • Custom and Other fields support
  • No QuickBook’s IIF files
  • Does not need admin/single user mode
  • Supports most QuickBooks fields
  • Bring orders into QuickBooks as Invoices, Sales Receipts,
  • Estimates, or Sales Orders with Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items
  • Statement Charges
  • Multiple Transaction types (i.e. Invoice, Sales Receipt) based on just about any field in the record
  • Can mark the QuickBooks transactions as Pending
  • Mark pending if not enough inventory
  • Supports Sales Tax from Cart.
  • Can create customers based on just about any field from your store
  • Can create job under a single customer i.e. Web Sales
  • Can create transaction Tax Items based on just about any field from your store i.e. state, zipcode, etc.
  • Dynamically add Items, Customers. Methods in QuickBooks
  • Web Single Customer Support to not use up QuickBooks customers.
  • Dynamically update Customers
  • Dynamically update items
  • Replacement mapping of lists for over 15 different fields (i.e. items name from Cart to QuickBooks item #s)
  • Supports Shipping, Handling, Coupons, Donations, etc.


  • QuickBooks Functions
  • Shipping Easy integration- coming soon. Ask now about getting Shipping Easy (can be used without our products) from our Contact Page.


  • Much more

Supported Interfaces (i.e. Carts / eCommerce systems / CRMs)

Supports the following e-commerce systems / shopping carts
(with NO CHANGES to the cart’s software)

New ones added every week.


Download and Install Instructions for Trial or Production version.

(Trial version works with our test osCommerce database and the QuickBooks Sample Company – US version)

Please note that the demo/trial is based on the QuickBooks Desktop Sample Company and our osCommerce cart. To use other configurations a setup would have to be performed i.e. QuickBooks Online Edition or a different cart.

Does NOT change your cart.

Almost any cart can be supported..

Have a custom made cart – we can customize our Integrator to work with it.

Brief White Paper.

See some screen shots.

Watch a 3 minute silent video

See a YouTube Video for QuickBooks Online similar for QuickBooks Desktop versions and other interfaces

See more videos

YouTube video on how to setup the Integrator to work with QuickBooks

YouTube video on setting up your store in the Integrator

More Details Click Here.

If you need the Integrator for your QuickBooks Point of Sale then see our POSeIntegrator©.

Just $549US for the Integrator Standard Edition for

QuickBooks Desktop Versions (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) for the eIntegrator and QuickBooks Online with our eIntegratorQO.

See pricing and how to purchase

For versions and prices of ‘The Integrator’ click here.



  • QuickBooks USA 2004 Pro or better
  • Windows all current
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (Excel) or later for XLS types of files.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks® for QuickBooks Windows Desktop
  • QuickBooks License


Major Credit cards and e-Checks via PayPal. We also accept M/C, Visa, and Discover directly.

and only $549 for the QuickBooks Online Edition (Standard Edition).

Supports all current Windows (32 and 64 bit) and just all new QuickBoooks including QuickBooks 2023 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise 23)


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