Some Testimonials

A customer who uses our MeterBillingMgrByPage for Xerox Billing– added June 18, 2019
I’m loving the product, it’s been a fantastic time-saver, it used to take me 4-5 days to invoice out about a 100 serial numbers, now it takes me longer to put stamps on the envelopes for 200 than it takes to run the billing
Kevin Donahue
Cape Cod Business Solutions, Inc.


A customer who sold his business but did use our TransImporter4 and other services– added June 11, 2016


Thanks for your help over the years, I was very fortunate to find your business those years ago, when you were the only one who could – successfully – solve my QuickBook problems.



A customer who uses our MeterBillingMgrByPage for Xerox Billing– added May 26, 2016


I highly recommend AaaTeX products. My billing is complex and requires Quickbooks, data strips and a database, all of which need to communicate with each other to generate billing. My IT support changed my computer, but failed to copy over all my required settings and information which rendered my billing program useless. AaaTeX took the time to remote into my computer and showed me the type of file I needed to look for and where to look for it so I could get back up & running. Once I located the file on my old PC, AaaTeX went back in & updated my program information, and I was billing in no time.

adocs – advanced document systems


A customer we did a custom commission program for – added August 29, 2015

“Thank you for the AaaTeX Commission Report program.

You have saved me hours of report generation. Now I can complete it in just 5 minutes.



Robert L. Judkins Jr.
American Lamp Recycling, LLC.


A customer we did contract program for – added April 16, 2015

“It was a pleasure working with Jack and AaaTeX. AaaTeX provided us with a customized payment module for QuickBooks. It was a
very easy process from start to finish and everything was developed on time and on spec exactly as we needed. I would definitely recommend
AaaTeX for any custom development projects and we intend to use them in the future for any needs in this area as well.”
– Chris West, CEO CDGcommerce


A customer using our eIntegrator – added September 8, 2014

We started using eIntegrator to import POs, Invoices, Customers and items to QuickBooks Pro 2013 – this is a true 1-click solution. A single click imports the customer, the item, creates a PO & creates a sales receipt. AaaTeX support was very quick and efficient to help us get the tool connected in our environment. We have reduced our order processing time from 6 minutes per order to under 2 minutes per order.


Another customer using our TransImporter4 – added February 17, 2014

I wanted to get back to you and thank you for helping me with my purchase. My trip into a remote rural area was successful thanks to your product as well as the quality of the documentation. I will follow up with a post on the marketplace ….

Larry Layman

Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisor



Another customer using our IIFImporter2 – added January 23, 2014

Being a long time user of QuickBooks Pro and the IIF Import function, my company just got use to the quirks and limitations of the QuickBooks

solution for importing invoices.  Single User mode was just a way of life. When the requirement to handle multijurisdictional sales tax

was added, I searched for a tool to help us as QuickBooks would not import Sales Tax Groups correctly.


I downloaded the trial version of AaaTeX IIFImporter2 and was impressed by its ease of use. More importantly, the technical support was top notch.  While other similar tools exist, getting someone to promptly answer implementation questions appeared to be a limitation.
AaaTeX answered my presales support questions promptly and more importantly, solved all my implementation challenges once the product

was purchased and registered.


We can now import our invoices using Sales Tax Groups while in multi user mode.


Thank you,


Rob Sobol


General Manager

Hilights, Inc.


Another customer using our TransImporter2012 – added November 14, 2013

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the product (TransImporter) as well as the customer service, they have both been exceptional.

The TransImporter has saved a lot of time and peace of mind regarding the accuracy of data that needed to be imported. I was extremely

fortunate to find the product in the onset of a recent client project rather than midway through and received

a lot of guidance regarding the recommended setup which eased a lot of issues in the back end.

I highly recommend the product to others as it has done well for us.


Dave Roberts, CPA, CGMA

Dave Roberts CPA, PA



Another customer using our IIFImporter2 with QuickBooks Online – added September 10, 2013

I sure like working with you folds. You respond quickly and to the point. I’ll give your suggestion a try. Have a nice day.

I will gladly give you a good posting on Intuit how I like your product. But I like your service even better.

YES, I’ll be happy to be a reference.


Paul Tibbets


Another customer using our CheckImport Program – added September 4, 2013

I am writing to let you know that the CheckImport Program is working perfectly in our new company, Snapcause. I have been a user

and fan of the AaaTeX software for years, and know that your software can reliably handle importing thousands of checks in a few minutes.

When we started Snapcause we knew we would need fast check processing speed because of our rapid growth. Your software

has freed up a lot of time that we now use to build our customer relationships. Snapcause provides a mobile app to connect

consumers to restaurants that support local causes. Snapcause is growing sales for restaurants, and the causes are

easily raising money. Your software was an easy decision for our back office.


As always, you have been great to work with. Thanks for your rapid support.


I highly recommend this software!!!


Bob Neubert


Snapcause, LLC



Customer using our CheckImport Program – added March 7, 2013

Excellent! The CheckImport Program is awesome!

Imported hundreds of checks in a few minutes instead of taking hours to enter manually.

AaaTeX was very quick to respond to emails and assist when needed. Great company to work with. Recommended!!!

Charles S. Fast

Walthall, Drake & Wallace LLP CPAs


Customer using our new IIFImporter2 – added March 6, 2013

… You are the best software company I have ever worked with you have just made my work 100% faster. I will make sure I go to more website

and post great reviews for your company and products…


Customer using our new eIntegrator – Added Nov 2, 2012

“The eIntegrator is a fantastic product. If a fully integrated ERP system is beyond the reach of your budget/organization, eIntegrator will allow

you to more fully integrate disparate systems into your desktop or online version of QuickBooks. By eliminating the need to manually reenter data

into multiple systems, eIntegrator saves you time, money, and mistakes.”

–Richard Paulk, COO, NewSpin Golf




Customer using our new eIntegrator

AaaTex has been so helpful in our shopping cart to QuickBooks integration needs. We’ve switched from multiple shopping cart platforms over

the past year and the AaaTeX eIntegrator has been able to adapt and handle them all. It is consistently the most robust program

we’ve encountered. AaaTeX support is great, and I really get the feeling they’re trying to help us streamline our solutions.

-Janaki, LifeSpa Project Coordinator


Customer using our new Xerox PagePack2Books program


AaaTeX has created an awesome piece of software the works seamlessly with QuickBooks to help streamline monthly Xerox PagePack Billing.
I usually spend 1.5 to 2 hours per month doing manual billing and after setting up the software it took 5 minutes.

Their Support Staff is great at helping you get started

I highly recommend this solution

Chris Aubel, Owner High Country Copiers
Chris Aubel
Problem Solver


Customer using our new Xerox MeterBillingMgrByPage program


I am happy to give testimony to the fact that this program in phenomenal! It has cut down my billing time from days to about an hourIt is amazing!

I no longer have to enter each customer and line item into QuickBooks and choose the class or make sure all of the math is correct in order for my totals to match up. I no longer have to create each individual invoice, or tediously scrutinize the Pagepack spreadsheet.

I would expect a program like this to cost much more than it does considering the enormous amount of work it alleviates.

Thank you sooooo much for making my work experience more enjoyable!

Sincerely, Jenny Brawner
Advanced Digital Solutions, Inc.
Visit our webpage @

A customer who has our custom programs for over 5 years

I just wanted to let you know that the custom programs you designed for us 5 years ago are still working very well and we are extremely satisfied with them. In addition, the few times we have had questions or problems it has been great to know that you are there to help us out. As our needs change in the future, I will be sure to call you when we require new customized programs.



Derek Chasin


chasin foods


A QuickBooks user of our CheckImport program

I just wanted to touch base with you … your CheckImport program is wonderful!  We are a non-profit who helps military families out in times of financial difficulties.  Unlike most assistance programs instead of paying the family we actually pay their creditors.  Needless to say that results in a lot of checks…which means a lot of repetitive data input.  No more!  I export the data from the database and import into Quickbooks.  Voila!  Lots of time saved, less chance of errors, etc.  Just wonderful!  I am all about efficiency so I’m extremely happy to have found your software and wanted to say Thank You!



Another QuickBooks user of our CheckImport program

Thanks for the update. After we saved the files in the older excel version your software ran great. Your program saved us an enormous amount of time and improved the quality of our internal processes. Your service response to my problem was outstanding and I wanted to thank you for helping me.

I was under tremendous strain to complete a large project and your software was integral in helping me deliver on my promises to our clients.

Thanks again,

Group Buying Edge, LLC



A QuickBooks Online user of our TransImporter for QuickBooks Online

On 12/30/2009 at 8:11 AM Jack Drummond wrote:
We can cancel our 10:30 call this morning. I purchased the basic edition last night and registered it this morning. Plus I read the complete operations manual! Was able to import a 962 line Excel sheet with no problems. I am most appreciative. Will be in touch when I need some additional assistance. I am most appreciative of the personal attention you have shown me – and that was the primary factor in deciding to purchase Trans Importer.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Jack Drummond, Accounting

Of all the software vendors I’ve worked with over the years, few (if any) can match your responsiveness in fixing bugs, adding features, and cogently explaining how things work..




We started using the AaaTex Shopping Cart Integrator for linking our on-line buying club order site to QuickBooks last summer. As a direct marketing farm, we had some very special needs that needed to be addressed for our online operation to work correctly. …. was extremely helpful and custom designed his program to meet our needs. His customer service is one of the best that I have ever seen in a computer software company. The integration of our shopping cart and QuickBooks is so time-saving that I now have time to do other things. Try it today; you won’t regret it!

–Sheri Salatin, Marketing Manager of Polyface, Inc.




I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your Shopping Cart Integrator.
I operate 2 large Miva Merchant Websites. The order entry from the web stores into QuickBooks was taking hours every day. After purchasing and installing the Integrator, our orders are imported with just the click of a button. I have saved time and money with your software, and would recommend it to anyone who needs to integrate their online store with QuickBooks. Thank you! David



Thanks again for all the time and help, it is much appreciated. You have made our warehouse staff VERY happy, as your product has taken several hours worth of manual work off their hands every day.


Alex Paul



I’m not usually long on words. all I can say is
“It just works!”



The owner of Electronics user of our TransImporter Pro Edition for QuickBooks Online Edition says

Just imported 4 days worth of invoices in under 5 minutes! Would have been 2 hours or more manually.




Bahn Brenner Motorsport would like to share our story of a real business makeover:


Lost valuable time on double to triple data entry from our Website into QuickBooks.

Lost time on calculating weights manually.


Our Ordering system before was setup where the customer would order online, we would download and print that order then manually enter the information into our accounting software (QuickBooks). We would then have to manually perform the Build Assemblies task and calculate all of the weights manually. I estimate any where from 5-10 minutes per invoice of wasted valuable time, we have any where from 1-20 invoices per day.

Our Inventory System was setup so that we had part numbers in QuickBooks and on the website. Again we had duplicate entry and major room for error which there were a lot of errors.

What AaaTeX did for us was create a system that pulled our part numbers and other critical inventory data and the invoices into QuickBooks with a single click of a button!

AaaTex already had a program called CalculateIt that auto calculates all of our weights and totals them at the bottom of an invoice. This program was customized to also automate the Build Assembly process which it did very well.

Since we started using AaaTeX customized software we saved hours of valuable time so we have been able to concentrate on growing our business and serving our current customers better. Our employees no longer dread their mornings; after all they only have to click a button!


… was a pleasure to work with …, a real go getter!!!



We can customize to solve your business problems.



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