Upload file to us


Please get a password from us for one of our upload ftp accounts.

support at AaaTeX dot com


Then copy from our responsed email.Copy and paste one of the urls below into your browser and enter the password that was provided.


For Anonymous access


For Non-anonymous





OR use our AaaTeXFTPConnect


OR you can use an FTP client program.


If you see a message from MSIE as:

To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

Please follow their instructions.


Please email us AFTER the file is uploaded to let us know.

If the above does not work please use www.SendThisFile.com which is a FREE service. SendThisFile is not affiliated with us in any way. Or you can schedule a Yahoo Messenger session with us.


Please note that getting to the folder page may take several minutes.You may have to refresh the screen (by pressing F5 Key) if you do not get the Log On As or folder screen. You may get error messages on screen like (Can't find server or Page cannot be displayed) . Please hit F5 (refresh). The messages will vary with different browsers. Please bear with us while we modify our site.

Please email us once the upload is complete.

Type in the user name (if not displayed) and the password.


If you are using Firefox the dropdowns and links may not work. If this occurs please use another browser. We have found that some anti-virus addons can be are causing the problem.