AAATEX's eIntegrator © for Infusionsoft

To use with QuickBooks desktop and Online Edition (in our eIntegratorQuickBooksO)

For QuickBooks Point of Sale see our POSeIntegrator. Click here.


No IIFs files!! Uses only Intuit supported tools for QuickBooks functions.

Intuit DOES NOT support IIF and using IIF from infusionsoft 

may create many problems for you.



  • Download InfusionSoft invoices as QuickBooks Invoices, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders or Estimates
  • No IIFs files. Uses only Intuit supported tools for QuickBooks functions
  • Dynamically creates Customers (if needed)
  • Uses supported Intuit tools which does not require a disclaimer since it is supported function.
  • Dynamically creates items in QuickBooks if needed
  • Does not need admin/single user mode
  • All the other functions of our Gold Edition of 'the Integrator'
  • Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items
  • Real Time Simulation (i.e. download every xx mins)
  • Web Single Customer Support to not use up customers.
  • 2-way uploading of Invoices, Payments, Customers and Items (Platinum Edition or Better)
  • Much more

Does NOT require another database.

For QuickBooks Desktop $659 for the Gold Edition

+ $269/yr after the first year

For QuickBooks Online $659 for the Gold Edition

+ $269/yr after the first year


  • QuickBooks 2003 Pro or better (for QuickBooks Windows/Desktop Users).
    (our eIntegratorQuickBooksO supports QuickBooks Online and our POSeIntegrator supports QuickBooks Point of Sale)
  • Microsoft Windows XP., 2003, or Vista
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks.
  • Options Microsoft Excel 2007 or later desktop versions (for Excel Functions if used)
  • Infusionsoft license


Download and Install Instructions

Please note that this demo is based on the QuickBooks Desktop Sample Company and our osCommerce cart. To use other configurations a setup would have to be performed i.e. QuickBooks Online Edition or a different cart. Please contact us for setup assistance.

Major Credit cards, AmEx and e-Checks via PayPal. We also accept M/C, Visa, and Discover directly. AmEx through PayPal.

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Just $549 for the Gold Edition of the Integrator QuickBooks Desktop versions.

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