Meter Billing Mgr by Page© formerly PagePack2Books©

for Xerox Print Services (XPPS) / PageConnect / PagePack
Now supports Supplies Network.

Xerox Billing files imported into QuickBooks Desktop (i.e. Pro, Premier, Enterprise) or QuickBooks Online Edition

Get your Xerox PageConnect / XPPS / PagePack revenue in QUICKER!!!!

Do in 15 minutes what may take you 2 weeks now!!!!!


  • Customer Pricing unique by customer device
  • Complete your Xerox billing in minutes per month saving $$$MONEY$$$
  • Creates customer Invoices in QuickBooks
  • Can create Bill or Check to Xerox in QuickBooks
  • Have flexible setup for items for mono, color and color qube
  • Supports QuickBooks Classes
  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate
  • Fast - does in minutes what can take weeks manually
  • Simple - Just download your billing file from Xerox and import into QuickBooks (via our program)
  • No need for admin or single user mode in QuickBooks
  • Unlimited concurrent users (Gold Edition)
  • Frequncy Billing (Gold Edition)
  • Ship to Billing (Gold Edition)
  • Location / Store ID (Gold Edition)
  • Device Pooling (Platinum Edition)
  • Uses the XSM/PSST files instead of the PagePack/XPPS files from SCOT (Gold Edition) which are available the start of the month. (Gold Edition)

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I’m loving the product, it’s been a fantastic time-saver, it used to take me 4-5 days to invoice out about a 100 serial numbers, now it takes me longer to put stamps on the envelopes for 200 than it takes to run the billing.
Kevin Donahue
Cape Cod Business Solutions, Inc.

I highly recommend AaaTeX products. My billing is complex and requires Quickbooks, data strips and a database, all of which need to communicate with each other to generate billing. My IT support changed my computer, but failed to copy over all my required settings and information which rendered my billing program useless. AaaTeX took the time to remote into my computer and showed me the type of file I needed to look for and where to look for it so I could get back up & running. Once I located the file on my old PC, AaaTeX went back in & updated my program information, and I was billing in no time.
adocs - advanced document systems

AaaTeX has created an awesome piece of software the works seamlessly with QuickBooks to help streamline monthly Xerox Billing.
I usually spend 1.5 to 2 hours per month doing manual billing and after setting up the software it took 5 minutes.

Their Support Staff is great at helping you get started

I highly recommend this solution

Chris Aubel, Owner High Country Copiers
Chris Aubel
Problem Solver


“PagePack2Books is a great application, it saves us over 80% of the time it use to take us to process our statements. The sales and technical staff are courteous and respond very quickly to any changes we have needed, the initial installation was a snap!”

Curt Sheffield
Tangerine Office Systems
PO Box 530266, Henderson, NV 89053-0266
Phone 702.260.6650 ext 100 - Fax 702.837.5395

This customer uses the program for PagePack AND NON PagePack billing.


I am happy to give testimony to the fact that this program in phenomenal! It has cut down my billing time from days to about an hour. It is amazing!

I no longer have to enter each customer and line item into QuickBooks and choose the class or make sure all of the math is correct in order for my totals to match up. I no longer have to create each individual invoice, or tediously scrutinize the Pagepack spreadsheet.

I would expect a program like this to cost much more than it does considering the enormous amount of work it alleviates.

Thank you sooooo much for making my work experience more enjoyable!

Sincerely, Jenny Brawner
Advanced Digital Solutions, Inc.
Visit our webpage @

We can customize it for you to solve your Business Requirements.

Download instructions for the trial or production version 

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Standard Edition $360us/year for QuickBooks Desktop

See Prices for other Editions

QuickBooks Online version


And an older video

Click here to see a YouTube video of the import process.


  • QuickBooks USA 2004 Pro or better (2008 for AU, Canadian, NZ, or UK) or QuickBooks Online
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 2008, 2012, 2016 (supports 64 bit versions)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Installed Desktop Version (Excel 32 bit or Access) or later (Excel 2010+ 64bit has known compatibility issues for the database)
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks Windows Desktop if using QuickBooks Desktop..
  • For QuickBooks Online Internet Explorer 11


1Some Features are not available in QuickBooks Online Edition

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