Shopping Cart Integration Service

  • We have been integrating Web shopping carts with back office accounting systems (i.e. QuickBooks) for years. And it never fails to amaze me that almost no time is spent trying to figure out how to integrate with the back office accounting (i.e. QuickBooks), shipping systems (i.e. UPS World Ship, FedEx, USPS via DAZZle,, etc.)
  • What usually results is a functioning automated Web Shopping Cart and a functioning back office accounting and shipping system but no smooth flowing, seamless operations.
  • This is what we do. Make it flow smooth and seamless requiring less time and less people thus saving you $$$$MONEY$$$$$!!!
Huge Manual Effort to re-enter all the Web based data since the two are incompatible or Time and Money trying to design it after the fact.

Web and Shopping Cart designers are usually good at what they do but do not know the desktop back office systems and certainly not accounting.

Let us help you plan and design you ENTIRE system. Even if you do not purchase our Shopping Cart Integrator or our AaaTeX Shipper we can help you design your total system. Email us to discuss it.

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