Part of the AAATEX Integrator© family of products for e-Commerce

To use with QuickBooks Point Of Sale (QuickBooksPOS),

EXTREMELY FLEXIBILE so you can meet your business requirements

Features: Varies per Edition

  • Seamless Interface for many carts
  • Purchase Orders for Drop Shipping, or by download. Not all items need be in QuickBooksPOS
  • Purchase Orders
  • Now supports Barcode Printing
  • Flag cart database orders as 'imported'
  • Supports many QuickBooks Functions
  • Bring orders into QuickBooks as Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, or Sales Orders with Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items
  • Real Time Simulation (i.e. download every xx mins)
  • Dynamic QuickBooks Order types based on status
  • Can mark the QuickBooks transactions as Pending
  • Supports Sales Tax from Cart.
  • Can create customers with Tax Locations based on State or Postal Code
  • Dynamically adds Items, Customers in QuickBooks
  • Web Single Customer Support to not use up customers.
  • Replacement mapping of lists (i.e. items # from Cart to QuickBooks item #s)
  • Supports Shipping, Handling, Coupons, Donations, etc.
  • Can Update the carts' database with an Imported flag and/or date
  • Pick Tickets
  • Up to 60 days/2hrs of free email/phone support
  • Interfaces to our add-ons with the Assembly Builder, Shipping Modules, etc.
  • Much more


  • QuickBooks Functions
  • Shipping Easy integrationNew ProStores Interface function- coming soon. Ask now about getting Shipping Easy (can be used without our products) from our Contact Page.

Supported Carts

Supports the following e-commerce shopping carts
(with NO CHANGES to the cart)

  • osCommerce and related
  • Store Front
  • ZenCart

Support for the below being ported from our QuickBooks 'Integrator'

  • Aceflex
  • Amazon
  • Americart
  • ASPDotNetStoreFront
  • BrightStores
  • Cart32
  • CartKeeper
  • CartServer (coming soon)
  • Channel Advisor
  • Drupal
  • ECommerceTemplates
  • HikaShop / JoomlaQuickBooks Point of sale Import
  • Kyozou
  • Magento
  • Miva 5
  • Network Solutions' nsCommerce
  • Paypal
  • ProductCart
  • Shipping EasyNew ProStores Interface function- coming soon
  • ShipsStation New ProStores Interface function- coming soon
  • SparkPayNew ProStores Interface function- coming soon
  • SureDone New ProStores Interface function
  • Volusion
  • WordPress add-on CartsQuickBooks Point of sale Import
  • Yahoo Stores
  • There are others not listed and we can add new ones. Just ask!
  • Many 'home grown' and custom carts.


New ones added every week.

Does NOT change your cart. Uses remote access via ODBC or a small PHP or ASP script

Almost any cart can be supported - just send us the files you download to start.

Have a custom made cart - we can customize our Integrator to work with it.

If you need the Integrator for your QuickBooks financial then see our Shopping Cart Integrator©.

Download QuickBooks Point of sale Import


  • QuickBooks Point of Sale QuickBooksPOS 2013 (V11) or later
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012, 2016 (including 64 bit versions).
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or later (for optional Excel Functions)

Just $999 US for the Basic Edition for QuickBooks POS Single Store

For versions and prices of the POSeIntegrator click here.

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