QuickBooks Services

 Contract Programming and Consulting - Any size large or small



 QuickBooks Tailored to your Business


 File Conversions and Imports QuickBooks Services


 QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop

  • Can Change Item type from Service to NonInventory or Inventory
  • Can add COGS and Asset Accounts
  • Can correct descriptions for special characters if needed
  • Can make the QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud/hosted environment for remote access


 QuickBooks File Stream Line

  • Make it faster.
  • Reduces file size up to 90%
  • Makes QuickBooks® run faster


 Network Installation & Support Contract Programming (from PCs to Mainframes)

  • PC (C, VB, PHP, Windows/DOS)
  • e-Commerce (osCommerce Shopping Cart)
  • e-Commerce / Shopping Cart Planning (i.e. interface with QuickBooks®)

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