Although we are based in the United States we have worked with customers in Canada, the UK and Australia.

 Automatic Filling Adobe Acrobat PDF forms with Data from QuickBooks

  • This is not just having a PDF document being created but filling out the text boxes on predefined PDF forms with customer/vendor data i.e. name, address, items, etc.

Data Entry into QuickBooks for:   THIS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

  • special discount
  • special taxes


Automatic Billing/Invoicing:

  • Recurring, based on customer type, etc.
  • Utility Companies


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

  • Sending QuickBooks data electronically to other computers
  • Sending Orders to warehouses


Integrating Web Site Shopping Carts to QuickBooks®:

  • Yahoo, osCommerce, Pageville, etc.


Import Spreadsheets into QuickBooks® as:

  • Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts
  • Payments, Credits, Deposits, etc.
  • Bills, Checks, Bill Payments, etc.
  • Transfers, Journal Entries, etc.
  • Customers, Vendors, Employees, Items, etc.


Importing of data into QuickBooks® from:

  • Access, Excel (xls and csv) files, Text Files
  • PDA files
  • SQL Server, FoxPro (.dbf) tables
  • Web Sites/Shopping Carts


Windows/QuickBooks Add-ons:

  • Quantity Column Totaling
  • Weight Calculations


Custom QuickBooks Statements

Commission Report

Displaying Invoices by rep only


Getting UPS Worldship data into QuickBooks® invoices:

  • Tracking number
  • Shipping cost
  • Weight


 Emailing UPS Worldship drop ship information


Convert to QuickBooks®

  • Peachtree®, DacEasy®, etc.

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