NetSuite conversion to QuickBooks

Note that the prices, time (in days) and person(s) are estimated based on a 'normal' company and accounting techniques that are used.

Full Conversion Price form $7,995 depending on amount of data and types of modules (See Pricing below).

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How it normally works (The Procedure):

  • You give us access to your NetSuite account
  • We customize and download the required files
  • We convert these to a form that we can bring into QuickBooks.
  • We send you any errors
  • You correct the errors in NetSuite
  • Repeat the above
  • We create a QuickBooks company file.
  • We send you a backup of the QuickBooks company file or create a QuickBooks Online Edition file
  • You review the data and if necessary we make corrections or you make the corrections in QuickBooks.
  • And the conversion is done.

The conversion is done on a mutually agreed upon date, weekends are usually best. Once we have a copy of your data files that we are going to convert, any data entered into your existing accounting system will have to be re-entered into your new QuickBooks file. We usually recommend not entering data into your old system; however, some clients choose to run their new and old systems simultaneously for a period of time until they are comfortable with Quick Book

Optional QuickBooks consulting is also available for $125 US/hour.

Price Estimate:

  • Lists only conversion $995 (only Accounts, Customers, etc. no transactons or balances)
  • Full Base (unbalanced and uncorrected) price of $2,695 based File Conversion on the total size (see below) - no balancing or error correction is done.
  • Full Balanced conversion $7,995 above plus our accountant controls the process and does all balancing and error correction
  • Based on the Full CSV Export compressed file timex 10 (i.e. do a setup, full csv export and you will download a compressed file. Multiple that file size by 10)
  • We will adjust for years you do not wish to convert. (i.e. if half the transactions are not to be done then adjust the size down by 50%)
  • Add 15% if sales tax is used
  • Add 20% for Inventory
  • Add 10% for each 5 Megs over 6 Megs until 20 Megs
  • Add 15% for each 5 Megs over 20 Megs until 30 Megs
  • Add 10% for each Meg over 30 Megs
  • Add 15% if shipping/receiving from POs and SOs
  • Add 15% if using Terms Discounts
  • Over 40 Megs - call/email
  • Add $500 for QuickBooks Online Edition (only avaiable in some situations)
  • Payroll - call us/email
  • Extra charges that may occur:
  • Custom Conversions - Call (it is assume that no data is to be changed unless absolutely necessary. So list names, etc. will stay the same. If you need things to be structed differently in QuickBooks then this would be a custom conversion).
  • non-standard accounting practices are used and the tranactions cannot be programmatically converted to QuickBooks tranactions (Full Balanced Conversion only).
  • Corruption correction - due to corrupt data or database would be at an hourly rate of $80 US/hr. (It does happen and we can't tell until we get there unless we make arrangements first)
  • Inability to get data from Netsuite due to problems outside of our control (i.e. report time outs, etc.)

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