AAATEX Shopping Cart Integrator to QuickBooks US editions.


  • Seamless Interface
  • No QuickBook's IIF files
  • Supports many QuickBooks Functions
  • Bring orders is as Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, or Sales Orders with Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items
  • Can mark the transactions as Pending
  • Supports Sales Tax from Cart
  • Dynamically adds Items, Customers
  • Can download transactions seamlessly from the QuickBooks menu (certain carts)
  • Replacement mapping of lists (i.e. items from Cart codes to QuickBooks codes)
  • Much more


Supports the following e-commerce shopping carts:

  • Pageville web based e-commerce shopping cart
  • osCommerce with NO CHANGES to existing php scripts
  • Yahoo Stores (coming soon)


Almost any cart can be supported - just send us the files you download.


  • QuickBooks USA version 2002 Pro or better (Canadian version coming soon)
  • Windows 98 Second Edition or later.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks.


Just $299 US for the Basic version


To buy it now or if you have questions - click here

Info on Pageville Web Based e-commerce shopping cart

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