Custom Programs

This is a PARTIAL list of programs that we have done for our customers. Any one can customize to solve business problems.


  • Text and Fox Pro Estimate Import into QuickBooks®


  • Report by Center from QuickBooks®

Charge Importer

  • Imports Charges into QuickBooks®

Check Importer

  • Checks Imported into QuickBooks®

Check Recon

  • Checks Imported into QuickBooks®

Commission Report

  • Creates Excel Commission Reports from QuickBooks®


  • Data Entry Screens into QuickBooks®

Email Orders

  • Emails Invoices and/or Estimates to customers from QuickBooks®


  •  Imports Estimates into QuickBooks®


  • Estimates input screen into QuickBooks®

Excel Invoicing

  • Imports Invoices from Excel SpreadSheet into QuickBooks®

Excise Tax

  • Adds Excise Tax into Invoices based on state from a Spreadsheet into QuickBooks®


  • Adds minutes to invoices in QuickBooks®

Fix Del Invoice

  • Fixes problems in invoices in QuickBooks®

Fix InvoiceCF

  • Fixes problems in invoice custom fields in QuickBooks®

GL Importer

  • Imports General Ledger Journal Entries into QuickBooks®

Invoice 2 CIT

  • EDI Interface from QuickBooks®

Invoice By Rep

  • Invoice/Payment reports by Rep in QuickBooks®

Invoice Import

  • Invoice Import into QuickBooks®


  • Interfaces Invoices with UPS WorldShip and QuickBooks®

Invoiced Statements

  • Statements that act as invoices into QuickBooks®


  • Recurring Billing into QuickBooks®

Items XLS Add

  • Adds Items to QuickBook®

JE Recon

  • Imports Journal Entries into QuickBooks®

JobTrackingReport - Custom Report for Job Tracking Labels

  • Prints labels as invoices are saved in QuickBooks®

Lot Report

  • Custom report from QuickBooks®

Open Estimates

  • Extracts Open Estimates for transfer to another QuickBooks®

Order Importer

  • Imports Orders (invoices, estimates, sales orders or sales receipts) into QuickBooks®

Order Shipper

  • Interfaces Invoices with UPS WorldShip from QuickBooks®

PO 2 Invoice

  • Converts Purchase orders to Invoices in QuickBooks®

PO Import

  • Imports Purchase Orders into QuickBooks®

POSSE Data Entry

  • Order Data Entry into QuickBooks®

Payment By Rep Report

  • Customer report of payments from QuickBooks®


  • Changes Price Levels in QuickBooks®


  • Risk Manager Checks Bridge into QuickBooks®

Report Importer

  • Imports from a QuickBooks®


  • Imports Invoices from an SQL database into QuickBooks®


  • Imports Bills from an SQL database into QuickBooks®

Sales Order Importer

  • Imports Sales Orders into QuickBooks®

Service Log To Invoices

  • Imports spreadsheets as invoices into QuickBooks®

Trans Excel

  • Transfers POs and Invoices between Excel and QuickBooks®


  • Short cuts in typing in QuickBooks®


  • Prints letters as invoices are saved in QuickBooks®

XLS Importer

  • Excel Importer into QuickBooks®


  • Excel Estimate Importer into QuickBooks®

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