Importing into QuickBooks from Web Stores

Importing into QuickBooks from your Web Store

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July 24, 2011


One of the most frequent uses of Importing in QuickBooks is to get your web orders into QuickBooks.


There may be many reasons why you want to do this depending on what your web store software (shopping cart, eCommerce or CRM) does and how you use QuickBooks (accounting only, fulfillment or order management).  Some systems call this syncing or synching others integrating, exporting, download, etc.


Many eCommerce systems and shopping cart software companies say that they integrate with QuickBooks but how? Here are the questions you should ask:

  1. Does they just provide a file (i.e. IIF File, or csv file)?  And then you have to figure out how to import it into QuickBooks.
  2. Do you have to request the orders by date or order number and you have to remember what to enter?
  3. Is it automatic and seamless or do you have keep entering information?
  4. Is it flexible enough to meet your business needs?


Did you know what some eCommerce companies make you agree that they are not responsible if the IIF file they create damages your QuickBooks file? (The built in QuickBooks IIF import has some issues).


Well our Integrator products solve these issues. 

See It was designed for eCommerce. We have one for QuickBooks and another for QuickBooks Point of Sale. With our solutions you can seamlessly get your orders from our support list of shopping carts and eCommerce systems including many custom carts.


Well ‘how does it work?’ your might ask and usually our reply is ‘Very well!’J


But the techniques used vary per eCommerce system and what they support.  And there are some that do not allow any interfaces at all. So be careful when picking your eCommerce software your business depends on it.


We will go into more details in future articles but here is some information on our techniques and it does depend on what your requirements.

  1. Do you require 2 way or just 1 way? 
  2. 1 way is just getting data from your online store into QuickBooks
  3. 2 way can be sending information up to your store.
  4.       This can be just for Quantity on Hand or
  5.       uploading of either new or changed lists (items, customers, etc.)

iii.      uploading of transactions

  1. How often do you need your orders in QuickBooks? 
  2. Daily, weekly, monthly.  Mostly done this way for just accounting
  3. Every hours or more often. Done this way for fulfillment or when you use your QuickBooks for business operations i.e. CRM type functions.


Our Integrator does handle many of the above but it does vary with the store’s software features.  We will discuss more of this in a future article.


If you do have an IIF file from your store you can use our IIFImporter ( changing the file.


For Excel files (xls,xlsx, csv, tab delimited) our TransImporter


For eCommerce and other database interfaces our ShoppingCartIntegrator (the Integrator)

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