AaaTeX's Meter Billing Mgr by Page©

To use with QuickBooks desktop editions and Online Edition .

Get your metered revenue in QUICKER!!!!

Do in 15 minutes what may take you 2 weeks now!!!!!

We are a GREAT value for your money

Editions and Pricing (in US dollars) Effective midnight 12/30/2011 Eastern time.


Common to All unless noted otherwise

  • Fast - does in minutes what can take days or weeks manually
  • Complete your PagePack billing in minutes per month saving $$$MONEY$$$
  • Simple - Just download your billing file from PagePage and import into QuickBooks
  • No need for admin or single user mode in QuickBooks
  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate
  • Creates customer Invoices in QuickBooks
  • Customer Pricing can be unique by customer device
  • Can create Bill or Check to Xerox in QuickBooks
  • Can set the Vendor Name, Bank or AP Account for Bills or Checks
  • Have flexible setup for items for mono, color and ColorQube
  • Supports QuickBooks Classes for the Invoices or items, etc
  • Can set the Invoice Template
  • Can set the Invoice to be Printed and/or to be eMailed
  • Free forum for questions, etc.
  • 1 user per system
  • Licensed to 1 QuickBooks Company
  • Setup fee of $150 for 1 hour
  • More
QuickBooks Desktop $440/ yr for 1 company

QuickBooks Online Edition $440 /yr for 1 company


  • Above functions plus
  • Ship to Billing (seperate billing if the ship to name is different)
  • Frequency Billing (only bill base amount in certain months)
  • Location / Store ID support (an ID can be assigned to a location and put put on either
  • Invoice Templates by Customer or PagePack Device
    the QuickBooks item line or a custom/other field).
  • Other/Custom Field Support
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Database maintenance program.
  • Uses Excel spreadsheets instead of a database for customer prices
  • 2 hours of free email / phone support
  • 2 hours of free setup time then $150 per hour.
  • Uses the XSM/PSST files instead of the PagePack/XPPS files from SCOT (Gold Edition) which are available the start of the month.
  • More
For QuickBooks Desktop $480 / yr

For QuickBooks Online $480 / yr

 Platinum EDITION

  • Above functions plus
  • Device Pooling
  • External FIle export into our Custom Invoice program.
  • Launch external program for above
  • Custom parsing of description
  • More Coming
For QuickBooks Desktop $540 / yr

For QuickBooks Online $540 / yr

Hosted / server (cloud) installations + $175 for the additional setup required.

1 Not available for QuickBooks Online Edition

2 Cart and database must support updates and the items must be in a 1 to 1 relationship with the cart's items

Currently licensed by QuickBooks company name (unless otherwise stated).
Therefore 1 license can be used for all users for a given QuickBooks Company.


  • QuickBooks USA 2004 Pro or better (2008 for AU, Canadian, NZ, or UK)
  • Windows Vista, 7, 2008 (supports 64 bit versions)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Installed Desktop Version (Excel 32 bit or Access) or later (Excel 2010+ 64bit has known compatibility issues)
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks.

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