Get Your Revenues In Quicker

Get Your Revenues in Quicker
by Getting Your Billing out Faster

Importing into QuickBooks

(Learn and Work Smarter not Harder)

September 9, 2011



Many times you have a need to import a Microsoft Office Excel type of file (xls, xlsx, csv, or tab delimited) file into QuickBooks. In many cases this files are use to do your billing.  The faster you get your billing into QuickBooks the faster you can send out bills and get your revenue.


These files could either be manually created by someone in your office or be generated but another system.  Such systems could be web site online stores or eCommerce systems or a another program on your desktop or web, or it can come from your suppliers or customers or EDI (Electronic Data Interface).  We have seen files from ServiceCEO, Xerox PagePack, IntouchPOS and others.


Many people now just try to re-type this data into QuickBooks.  This can be difficult and time consuming. Prone to errors, etc. etc.   Some of our customers reported that this can take them from a few hours to a couple of weeks depending upon the nature of the data and how the files appear, etc. etc.  This can get a long time to get it done correctly.


To this end we have developed a number different QuickBooks programs that can import these files in minutes and save the user hours if not days of time and be more accurate.  In some cases these are billing files and that importing these files can result in getting your revenue quicker.  These bills are more accurate and thus save on frustrated customers who get overcharged or missing revenue if the bill was incorrect billed too low.


If the file in question is an IIF file then our IIFImporter is the solution for you.  This program will read an IIF file and import it into QuickBooks (desktop versions such as Pro, Premier and Enterprise) and QuickBooks Online.  It does not require Admin/Single user mode so there is no disruption telling you people to get off of QuickBooks while your import.


If the files is an Microsoft Office Excel type of file (xls, xlsx, csv or tab delimited) then either our TransImporter2011 or our Shopping Cart Integrator could work.  If the file is from eCommerce then the Shopping Cart Integrator would be best otherwise our TransImporter2011.  The TransImporter2011 is a general purpose program for importing files.  It does not have eCommerce logic in it so it is best for simpler files. Both programs support Excel types of files.


In some cases a special program is needed for the specific file since it may require special handling.  This is true of our PagePack2Books program which we designed just for the Xerox PagePack resellers. In this case Xerox PagePack billing files are downloaded from the Xerox web site monthly.  This billing file can be imported using our PagePack2Books program in usually about 10 minutes less.  Customers have reported that this saves them up to 80 hours per month (that’s 2 weeks a month).  Thus using a program like ours could almost page hiring a person just to do the Xerox PagePack billing and get the billing out 2 weeks sooner and revenues in sooner.


We have similar stories from other customers using these or other programs that we have developed for them.


For eCommerce and other database interfaces see our ShoppingCartIntegrator (the Integrator)

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