Integrator Channel Advisors with QuickBooks

Integrating QuickBooks and Channel Advisor

(Learn and Work Smarter not Harder)

With our  Shopping Cart Integrator
August 21, 2011


Channel Advisor is an eCommerce system that assist in managing your eCommerce channels i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.  (See  It does a good job of this but ‘How do you get the orders into your QuickBooks?’, you might ask.


The Integrator solves this problem not by integrating each channel (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.) but by integrating directly with Channel Advisor. (See


When Channel Advisor asked us to integrate with QuickBooks several years ago we were one of the only  company to provide a solution.


The Integrator supports both 1 way (downloading orders into QuickBooks) and 2 way (uploading into Channel Advisor).  Uploading includes both simple updating of a products SKU’s quantity on hand from QuickBooks and more complex the adding/updating of items from QuickBooks.  (The Integrator also supports some direct eCommerce to eCommerce without QuickBooks but that is another subject for another time).


There are many different configurations for the Channel Advisor setup including QuickBooks customer name, items (SKUs), methods (shipping, payment, etc.) and more.


The full range of Integrator premier features is supported for Channel Advisor including  but not limited to:

  1. the flagging of orders in Channel Advisor when the order is successfully imported into QuickBooks so they do not come in again and there is no need to worry about the order number or date range, etc. (Order Flagging).
  2. The Integrator can download and import orders either on demand (i.e. once a month, week, day) or periodically (every 2 hrs, 10 minutes, etc.).  We call this Polling (Real Time Simulation).
  3. Items (i.e. SKUs) can be added to QuickBooks when the order comes in.  Thus there is no need to have all of your items defined in QuickBooks before you even sell any of them. (This is great for Drop Shippers)
  4. Customers can be added to QuickBooks if not already there or 1 QuickBooks customer can be used for all orders or 1 customer name per marketplace, etc. but preserving the billing and shipping information.
  5. Yes, the Shopping Cart Integrator supports Drop Shipping (creating of Purchase Orders, etc. for QuickBooks Desktop). There are multiple configurations for this as well including 1 purchase order per order in or the combining of orders onto a single purchase order. Purchase orders will be a future article.


The Integrator can also support multiple Channel Advisor accounts.  Each account is a different ‘store’ in the Integrator and can have a different configuration.  This makes it possible to meet your business needs with our Integrator. The Integrator Premier Edition supports up to 3 stores, the Premier Plus up to 5 stores and the Enterprise Edition up to 20 stores.  The stores do NOT have to be the same platform and can be totally other types of eCommerce systems or shopping carts (i.e. osCommerce, Miva, ZenCart, Infusionsoft, etc. etc. and new ones are constantly being added.).  This also includes custom systems/databases.



For eCommerce and other database interfaces see our ShoppingCartIntegrator (the Integrator)

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