TheImporter© for QuickBooks Online.
This is a Web (cloud) App for importing IIF Files

(based on our 10+ year old IIF Engine)

To use with QuickBooks Online and IIF files.

Accessed app via

Note that QuickBooks Online can NOT import transactions from any file but our apps can.

No need to change the iif file as some other systems require. 

Supports most functions based on QuickBooks Windows Desktop IIF format PLUS ENHANCEMENTS INCLUDING:

  • Sales Forms Custom Fields 1, 2, 3
  • DEPARTMENT/LOCATION field support
  • Tracking Number
  • Posts payments to Invoices
  • 10 day free trial

Just have General Journals to import then try our Lite (General Journal) Edition for just $130us/yr (about $11us/month)

and a Plain Edition for Journal Entries, Invoices and Bills for just $190us/yr (about $15us/month)

Just $260us / year for the Standard Edition which is about $22us/month for all supported list and transactions.

All the editions except the Diamond Edition are for 1 QuickBooks company but multiple users.

Lite Edition ($148us/yr)
for General Journals only but Upgradeable
IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online

Plain Edition $218us/yr
for General Journals, Invoices, Cash Sale (Sales Receipts) and Bills only Upgradeable

IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online

Standard Edition $288us/yr 
For all supported lists and transactions Upgradeable
IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online

This app is used if you have IIF Files.
If you have Excel, CSV or tab delimited then see our TransImporter for QuickBooks Online.

Features of the TheImporter:

  • Uses standard Intuit QuickBooks IIF File format Plus enhancements
  • Can post payments to invoices
  • Supports most IIF Functions (Standard Edition)
  • Adds items as service items if not in QuickBooks
  • Sales Transactions Custom Fields
  • Supports DEPARTMENT (a.k.a. Location, Business, Division, Property, Store, Territory in QuickBooks)
  • Much more

Accessed app via
We can customize it to solve your business problems.

Screen shots and video coming soon but will be very similar to our Windows Desktop version the IIFImporter.


The below is for our sister product the IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online.




  • Internet enabled device with file
  • Internet connection
  • QuickBooks Online License

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