Partial List Of Our Products for use with QuickBooks

These all Support Windows 10 and QuickBooks 2017 (including Enterprise 17)

and they do NOT use the Web Connector.


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IIF ImporterFor your IIF Files (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Online)

  • Does not need Admin or Single User Mode
  • QuickBooks Windows Desktop or the new QuickBooks Online
  • Can import transactions not supported by the Quickbooks IIF import
  • Can post payments to invoices


eIntegrator (AaaTeX Shopping Cart Integrator)A must to bring in your transactions into QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Online from your web store, eCommerce or billing system, database or other external process.

For QuickBooks Point of Sale click here.

  • Seamless Interface for many carts
  • No QuickBooks IIF files
  • Does not need admin/single user mode


TransImporter4© /
TransImporter for QuickBooks Online
To Import Excel types of files (xls, csv,tab delimited text)
(for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Online)

  • Import Excel files into QuickBooks
  • Import from ANY file supported by Excel
  • Exel files can use formulas, table lookups, etc
  • Easy to use with Column pull downs


AaaTeX's Meter Billing MgrIf you have a metered system of billing (for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

  • Great for utility companies, townships, recreation parks, etc.
  • Calculates usage (current reading less previous) and creates invoices in QuickBooks
  • Not for QuickBooks Online




PagePack2Books© / MeterBillingMgrByPage©Get your Xerox PagePack / Print Services Revenue in QUICKER

  • For Xerox PagePack / Xerox Print Services (XPPS)
  • Import the PagePack billing file into QuickBooks in MINUTES
  • Saves hours if not days or weeks
  • Flexible
  • SAVES $$$


Invoices2POs©Create Purchase Orders from Invoices automatically

  • Fulfill Drop Ship Orders quickly and automatically
  • Saves hours if not days or weeks
  • Flexible
  • SAVES $$$



POSStyleSheetTools©A must if you have QuickBooks Point of Sale Ver 10

  • Creates Vouchers from a Style Sheet Grid similar to previous versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Can apply Pictures to Styles for all, just the attribute or just the size.
  • Can change the cost or price for all non-blank styles by either replacing, Add/sub, or mutliple/divide.

















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Our products are currently licensed by QuickBooks company name (unless otherwise stated). Therefore 1 license can be used for all users for a given QuickBooks Company.


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