StreamLine your QuickBooks

Reduces your QuickBooks File size and makes it run faster.

Better than QuickBooks condense which reduces the file size by up to only 20%.
StreamLine reduces the file size up to 98% depending on how much detail you want to keep.

Pick the StreamLine option according to your needs and budget.

Option File Reduction (up to) What is carried forward Price
Economy 99% All Lists & Current Balance Sheet / Income Statement $99
Lite 95% Economy Option (above) plus Individual Opening Balances for Customers and Vendors $299
Summary 90% Economy  Option (above) plus summary transactions (invoices, bills, etc) for all Open Balance Customers and Vendors $499
Full Detail 60% Summary Option (above) plus Full Detail within a date range that YOU SELECT. $799
Deluxe 60% Detail Option (above) plus uncleared transactions are carried forward. This includes partially paid and unpaid Invoices & Bills, as well as, uncleared Checks & Deposits $999

Inventory can also be adjusted depending on the version of QuickBooks you have.

QuickBooks2003 and higher + $99
Otherwise +$149 for first 500 items then $50 per 1,000 items.

How it Works (The Procedure):

1. We start with a backup of your company file. Usually sent via email, FTP, mail, or overnight depending upon your  circumstances.
2. We StreamLine the company file.
3. We perform checks and balances to insure the integrity of the final result.
4. We may need to talk to you or your staff if questions arise as they frequently do.
5. We email, FTP or mail a backup of your new QuickBooks company file to you.
6. You restore the QuickBooks backup file on your system and your ready to go.

This Procedure is done on a mutually agreed upon date, weekends are usually best. Please Note: once we have a copy of your data file, any data entered into your existing accounting system will have to be re-entered into your new QuickBooks file.

Optional QuickBooks consulting is also available for $80/hour.

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