Intuit has increased their security for QuickBooks Online by moving to OAuth2 effective December 17th, 2019. This requires a reinstall of our Windows Desktop Apps from the links below before that date.

This does not apply to apps for QuickBooks Desktop.

You will be required to re-install any of the QuickBooks Online Windows Apps for the new Intuit security requirement of OAuth2 since they are dropping support of what the apps use now, OAuth2.

If you have installed the app prior to November 27, 2019 you must reinstall. After the cutoff date of December 17th, 2019 our OAuth1 apps will no longer work and you must update via re-installing the app.

Uninstall our app from Windows, Settings, Apps, … DO NOT delete/remove the Working Folder if asked to do so. This folder has all of your settings, mappings and supporting files. Then install from one of the links below for the app that you have.

THIS WILL REQUIRE RE-AUTHORIZATION BY THE QuickBooks ADMIN OR ACCOUNTANT USER.  So please be sure that you have the userid and password available.

When you start the app it will bring up the connection screen. Hit Connect and it will ask for the Admin/Accountant user/password to authorize the app.

If multiple PCs are used you can have a mix of the new version and the old prior to the cutoff date above. After the cutoff date  apps that have not been updated will no longer work as per Intuit.

For those with multiple QuickBooks companies each has to be re-authorized.  Diamond Edition users would use the same Add QuickBooks Company File menu option. Click on No to use a different company and the connect screen will appear. Those with multiple licenses for more than one QuickBooks company may need to delete the [app]User.dat file (i.e. IIFImporterUser.dat) in the Working Folder if the Add QuickBooks Company doesn’t work for you. The ‘Working Folder’ is in Public Documents with the name of our app as the folder name.
C:\Users\Public\[Public ]Documents\AaaTeX\[App],
with the app down then restart the app.

IIFImporter – To import IIF Files – if your build level is less than

eIntegratorQBO – To integrate with web stores and databases – if your build level is less than

MeterBillingMgrByPage – to create invoices from metered billing files – if your build level is less than

TransImporterQO – to import from Excel types of files i.e. csv, xlsx, xls, etc. – if your build level is less than

This video shows how to re-install the IIFImporter in Windows 10. For Windows 7 it would be from the Control Panel vs Settings and Programs instead of Apps then scroll down and select the file and Uninstall is above the apps.  If you as using a different app just change the name and use the download link from above.
Please click here to see the video.

If you are using Firefox the dropdowns and links may not work. If this occurs please use another browser. We have found that some anti-virus addons can be are causing the problem.