AAATEX Shipper

Formerly known as UPSFromQuickBooks and

Shipping filled out from QuickBooks Invoice (other transactions coming soon)
and UPS Information put into the QuickBooks Invoice

Automatically fills out UPS WorldShip information from QuickBooks Transaction

Automatically gets UPS Tracking number and weight and puts it into the QuickBooks transaction

Can calculate the shipping cost based on the UPS shipping cost, QuickBooks Shipping items, and optionally can use MS Excel spreadsheet to do the calculations (deluxe version only).

Automatically gets the UPS cost and puts it into the invoice.
– Can add a shipping services fee to be added to the shipping charge

Optionally changes either the ship date or invoice date.

Adds new customers to UPS WorldShip from QuickBooks customer information.

Save keystroke time and save $$$.

Eliminates many typos saving $$$.

See screen shots.

We can also customize it just for you – JUST ASK.


Windows XP, 2003

US QuickBooks 2004 Pro or later

Intel Pentium III 600 Hz, 128M Ram

30 Mega free disk space.

UPS WorldShip V10 software

For outer countries:

Canadian versions can be easily supported
Others: Can be customized with other country QuickBooks that support the QuickBooksFC interface.

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