AaaTeX’s TransImporter©

Let the TransImporter import QuickBooks Orders (Invoices, Sales Orders, Estimates, Sales Receipts, etc.) from Excel files (Spreadsheets) or tab delimited text files without the need for IIF Files, Admin or Single user mode.


You can select your template and select your class. You can use the customer account number instead of the name. Fast, easy and accurate.




Competitor 1


Competitor 2


Competitor 3


Uses Excel file formats xls, csv, tab delimited text or any Excel supported file. Ö Ö Ö
Generates Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders or Sales Receipts. Ö Ö Ö Ö
No IIF files Ö Ö Ö *
Can select Class Ö Ö Ö
Can use customer account number as a lookup instead of the name. Ö Ö
With Excel Files you can use formulas, table lookups, etc. Ö
No need for admin or single user mode. Ö Ö Ö
Can check Quantity on Hand and reject order or line item. Ö
Can select Template Ö
Can have a default customer if name or account number not defined in QuickBooks Ö
Flexible definitions of columns Ö
AaaTex TransImporter Pro $239 AaaTex TransImporter Premier $449
Ö Can check inventory quantity on hand and reject line or order Ö Match QuickBooks sub-items to QuickBooks full item name
Ö Can lookup customer via account number. Ö Duplicate Order # checking
Ö Log of added transactions.
Ö Supports custom fields for weight, location (i.e Bin #), etc. coming soon
Ö Customer Payments by Invoice no, amount, etc. Ö Customer Payments – pay by multiple matching amounts
Ö Create Purchase Orders Ö Dynamic Transaction types on a row by row basis
Ö Create Bills Ö Special processing (i.e. Reversal or charge via journal entry), etc.)
Ö Customer Payments
Ö Supports Journal Entries

*Notice to QuickBooks IIF import users from Intuit

4. What happens to the Intuit Interchange Format (.iif) integration?

Importing incorrect IIF files can lead to corruption of QuickBooks company files. Therefore, Intuit strongly discourages relying on IIF files for application integration. Intuit cannot support customers who have used IIF files created by third-party applications.

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