To use with QuickBooks Point of Sale including POS 2013 (V12)


Editions and Pricing (in US dollars)

Common to All

ODBC or small script not requiring changes to your cart.

Bring in orders as either Sales Receipts or Sales Orders

Can dynamically add customers and items

Supports sales tax as provided by cart.

Supports Web Single Customer.Supports to not use up customers.

Supports discounts and coupons

Can update customer record.

Can read manually downloaded cart file in tab delimited text or csv.

Replacements of cart’s names (i.e. items, ShipVia) with QuickBooks POS names.

Setup – fee of $275 US waived with purchase (for 1 store)

30 days / 2 hrs of email / phone support

Annual Maintenance of $149 US after the first year

Basic Edition $399



Basic Editions functions plus

Match QuickBooks sub-items to QuickBooks full item name

Name conformity (puts first name last name in proper form and casing)

Special splitting of order number into QuickBooks Transaction no.

Duplicate Order # checking

Can use just part of the web order # as the QuickBooks order #

Can dynamically add ShipMethod1 and Payment Method

Update QuickBook Items if price, description changes1

Supports custom fields for weight, location (i.e Bin #), etc.

Item sync. Can download all cart’s items and update QuickBooks (cart permitting)

Maintains log of added transactions and what customers and items have been changed.

30 days / 2hrs of email / phone support

Annual Maintenance of $199 US after the first year

Pro Edition $529



Pro Edition functions plus

Concurrent support of up to 3 cart types (i.e. osCommerce, Yahoo, Cart32).

Concurrent support of up to 3 web stores (i.e. www.Domain1.com, www.Domain2..)

Supports BarCode printing on transactions 1

Can create specific order types based on status codes

Can replace sales orders with invoices

Can flag a cart’s database order as imported for some carts.

Real Time Simulation via Polling (i.e. download every xx minues)

Purchase Orders for Drop Shipments1

Channel Advisors Support

Pick Tickets

60 days /6 hrs of email / phone support

Annual Maintenance of $249 US after the first year

Premier Edition $649


Premier Edition functions plus (coming soon)

Concurrent support of up to 5 cart types (i.e. osCommerce, Yahoo).

Concurrent support of up to 5 web stores (i.e. www.Domain1.com, www.Domain2..

Interface to our Shopping Product (The AaaTeX Shipper)

120 days / 24hrs of email / phone support

Annual Maintenance of $269 US after the first year

Premier Plus Edition $799



1Not available for QuickBooks Online Edition

Have a custom made cart – we can customize our Integrator to work with it.


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