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To use with QuickBooks


Editions and Pricing (in US dollars).

 Common Features of all editions (except where noted).

  • Does not require Single User Mode nor Admin Access for most functions
  • Error log included for erroreous IIF records which can be re-imported
  • Does not use the unsupported QuickBooks IIF Import Facility
  • Payments are applied to invoices by reference number
  • Template support
  • Tighter control We run a tighter ship.
  • Optionally does not automatically/dynamically creates list (thus giving you more control)
  • Optionally does not replace list data
  • Licensed on a QuickBooks Company Name basis

1. Basic ($199)

  • Not for QuickBooks Online (see the Online Edition below)
  • Supports most QuickBooks IIF formats
  • Supports BILLPMT
  • Selectable Types (can only import certain IIF types)
  • Add Items as service items is not in QuickBooks
  • Can adjust inventory (Qty on hand)

2. Pro ($249)

  • Not for QuickBooks Online (see the Online Edition below)
  • Basic functions plus
  • Enhances List functions of RENAME and DELETE of lists
  • Sub-item support (only sub-item is needed NOT the entire full name)
  • Custom Field External Dictionary
  • Customer Payment by Amount
  • Duplicate Number Checking
  • Payment performance enhancement for invoices in this run

3. Premier($349)

  • Not for QuickBooks Online (see the Online Edition below)
  • Pro functions plus
  • Customer Payment enhanced functions (pay by amount, etc)
  • Custom Field Direct Naming
  • Customer Payment SPL can pay multiple invoices
  • Performance enhancements for Payment by Invoice Reference No. for invoices over a date range
  • Replace Accounts in file for specific transaction types

4. Enterprise ($999)

  • Not for QuickBooks Online (see the Online Edition below)
  • Premier functions plus
  • Use on all company files that you support at your installation.
  • Unattended mode (QuickBooks need not be up)
  • Match file names to QuickBooks company file


  • Use with QuickBooks Online Edition.
  • Premier Functions
  • Limited to functionality of QuickBooksOE

Hosted / server (cloud) installations + $175 for the additional setup required.

We can customize it for you.

Currently licensed by QuickBooks company name (unless otherwise stated). Therefore 1 license can be used for all users for a given QuickBooks Company.



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  • QuickBooks® USA version 2002 Pro or better, Canadian support
  • (Some functions depend on QuickBooks version).
  • Hardware requirements same as QuickBooks®.

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