To use with QuickBooks Windows Desktop and Online (US) editions

This product is no longer available

Followup to our 9 year old CheckImport Program


Features:There are multiple Editions and features are edition dependent – ask support

  • Lite Edition (just $59us)
  • Imports from Excel Spreadsheets (XLS and CSV) and tab delimted text.
  • No QuickBooks IIF files
  • No need for admin/single user mode
  • Standard Edition (Lite Edition Features Plus)
  • Transaction / Error Logging
  • 1 Expense or Item in the row or more vertically in the same ro.
  • Bank and Expense Accounts can be specified on screen if not in file
  • Charge to Customer account
  • Class Support
  • Biillable status
  • Silver Edition (Basic Edition Features Plus)
  • Multiple Expense lines horizontal accross the columns
  • Memo support
  • Transaction Logging
  • Can Reverse sign on amounts
  • File Disposition (delete, move, rename, etc)
  • Add Payee as Customer, Employee, Vendor or OtherName (OtherName is in QuickBooks Desktop)
  • Gold Edition (Silver Edition Features Plus)
  • Accounts or Items can be in header row
  • Payee can be header row
  • Can scan muliple consecutive columns in rows for expense amount skipping blank cells
  • All Editions are licensed by QuickBooks Company



Editions and Prices – Please pick for QuickBooks Windows Desktop or QuickBooks Online (US)

Lite Edition for QuickBooks Windows Desktop just $59


Lite Edition for QuickBooks Online (US) just $59


Click here to download the Free or a trial version..


Just download and execute (double click) then take defaults for all the prompts. Need something special we can customize it to meet your business needs.


  • QuickBooks® USA version 2004 Pro US Edition or better
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or better.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks®

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