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This product is no longer available

To use with QuickBooks

Sun-setted program. Only available on special request.
There will no further updates and free defect support will be terminate on Feb 28, 2010


Can Do Extra calculations on a QuickBooks Transaction screen that QuickBooks can not do

    • Extra Multiplier (Qty * Rate * xxx = Amount)
    • Special Taxes
    • Weights
    • Extended Weights (Item weight x Qty) then total it on the bottom
    • Add Item Count
    • Add Total Weight line

Can do much more!

We can customize it for you to solve your Business Requirements.


  • QuickBooks® USA version 2002 Pro or better (US or Canadian version may be required depending on functions needed)
  • Windows 98 Second Edition or later.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks.

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