AaaTeX IIF Importer©

To use with QuickBooks and your IIF files.

This program is used if you have IIF Files. If you have Excel, CSV or tab delimited then see our TransImporter.

  • Does not need QuickBooks Admin or Single User Mode (for most transactions)
  • Uses standard Intuit QuickBooks IIF File format Plus enhancements
  • Supports most QuickBooks Functions
  • Can import transactions not supported by the QuickBooks IIF import as Sales Orders
  • Can change the transaction type
  • Adds items as service items if not in QuickBooks
  • Can ignore columns
  • Can post payments to invoices
  • Provides much better error messages than the QuickBooks IIF.
  • More like a Keyboard entry than an IIF import
  • Custom Fields (depending on your edition) including on sales transactions
  • Credit Card info into customer's record.
  • Import Selected types (i.e. only invoices from a mixed IIF file)
  • Batch Import (more than 1 IIF file can be imported into QuickBooks in 1 run)
  • Much more..
New Enhanced features not in QuickBooks IIF:
  • Import QuickBooks Customer's Credit Card Info
  • Replace Accounts
  • Change Transaction type (i.e Invoice to Sales Receipt)
  • QuickBooks Templates Support
  • Delete, Rename of QuickBooks Lists
  • Custom Fields on QuickBooks transactions
  • Payment posting to invoices
  • Payment posting by amounts
  • Payment posting to multiple invoices

We can customize it to solve your business problems.

  • QuickBooks USA version 2002 Pro or better, Canadian 2005 Pro or Better
  • Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks

Quick Summary

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