Custom Software ⁄ Programming Policies


  • We do not share your data outside of our office without your written concent. We have no problem signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


We guarantee it will work.

  • You may want or need additional changes which may incur additional cost later so it is important to let us know all the requirements now. It is easier to add them now than redo and retest later.


Defects fixed for free within 60 days.

  • This pertains to fixed price projects. If our program does not work correctly or crashes we will fix it free of charge within 60 days. Note that this does not include changes to the specifications or design but defects (i.e bugs). We are also not responsible for defects in the supporting platforms (i.e. Windows, QuickBooks, etc.). (Your account must also be current).


Scope of work Disclaimer:

  • The one thing that I want us to agree on before we go any further ( I always get caught up in this) is that we are not designing the system (although we could) but only doing this program design and it's coding according to your specifications. We guaranty the program to work accordingly but if the overall system does not work effectively then we are not responsible and that any additional work or time spent on troubleshooting such problems are billable at our normal consulting rate and that you accept responsibility for it.



  • The way this works is that we can schedule your project once payment has been received. We usually have a 3-5 business day backlog. Once started it will probably take about 3-7 business days to get you something to test with.


Pricing will vary with what you want. We license to you executables (exe's) not the source code

In this way we keep to source programs for other projects and you only get what you need. This keeps the cost down. Usually a few hundred dollars instead of the thousands normally associated with custom programming. Our programs normally run as separate normal Windows applications started from the start menu or can be setup as a shortcut on your desktop. The product will be licensed for your QuickBooks company name only. It is not transferrable to any other party without written acceptance from AaaTeX.


Any price or estimate we give you is good for 5 business days.

Licensing is based on the QuickBooks company name unless stated otherwise. So the license is good for all the users/PCs on that same QuickBooks company name (not file name).


There are 2 things that will greatly speed up the project.
May be required in complex projects.

  • Having your company file here so I have something to test with.
  • Our Remote Access to your computer i.e. XP Remote Assistance, pcAnywhere, GoToMyPC, WebEx or equivalent so we can come into your system help with install/setup and running of the program and any problems that might come up.

Note: Not having these may result in a higher cost to you since we have more testing and work to do.



  • All products are delivered electronically either via email or downloads. Requests for other methods are available with an additional fee.



  • Since we will be working with you to develop a customize solution to your problem it is expected that you or someone on your staff will be available to complete this project (to answer questions, review specifications, design, testing results, etc.). We are not responsible for the project results if this does not occur. In case where we cannot contact you for over a week may result in restart cost since we must move on to other projects and trains of thought, etc.


If we do not hear from you in 5 business days after we attempt to contact you, unless previously notified and agreed by us, we will consider the program complete.

Any price or estimate we give you is good for 5 business days.


You are at least 18 years of age and are authorized to make this purchase.




Data required for Card Purchase

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Card on back of card (CVV)
  • Card Holder's Name on Card
  • Business name on Card
  • Card Billing Address
  • Card Billing Phone number


Mailing address:

AaaTeX Corp.
3408 S. ATLANTIC AV., #50


386-322-3850 (Eastern Time Zone)
386-788-4189 (fax)


See more details about payments on our payments page.


Disclaimer: AaaTeX Corp. is not responsible for problems and/or damage in any of our products, software or services as the result of problems in the software foundation to our products, software or services (i. e. Operating System, Internet, Web Site, Web Shopping Cart or program provided by another company). In no case shall AaaTeX be responsible for more then the purchase price.


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