Need Networking Equipment but don't want to spend a bundle

OSIHardware buys and sells, new and used networking hardware, as well as having a complete line of wholesale compatible optic transceivers, being utilized in companies such as E-Bay, Google and Sony and many more large companies.


Their "line card" is very simple: if it's Cisco branded, I got it!  Whether you need routers, switches, cables, phones, memory upgrades, optics, etc., I can get them for you.  We are usually between 45-65% off New Hardware and 60-90% off Used Hardware.


Their compatible optic's come with an Lifetime Replacement Warranty, are manufactured by the same OEM's as Cisco’s “Finisar, Agilent”


Brian works very hard for his clients and am there day or night, whether for information on gear or to get you hardware overnight.


They can ship your Network team any optic, 1G or 10G, to test at no cost; assurance to the quality and compatibility of our optics.


There is no difference.


Manufacturer Part # Description CISCO's List OSI's Price
GLC-SX-MM-OSI GE SFP, LC connector SX transceiver - OSI Label $500.00 $49.00
GLC-LH-SM-OSI SFP GBIC (1000BASE-LH/LX) SingleMode - OSI Label $995.00 $69.00
X2-10GB-SR-OSI 10GBASE-SR X2 Module - OSI Label $1,995.00 $325.00
X2-10GB-LR-OSI 10GBASE-LR X2 Module - OSI Label $4,000.00 $485.00
SFP-10G-SR-OSI 10GBASE-SR SFP Module - OSI Label $1,795.00 $245.00
SFP-10G-LR-OSI 10GBASE-LR SFP Module - OSI Label $3,995.00 $395.00


Brian Charrette | Account Executive

OSI Hardware

805-845-5167 O | 805-682-9358 C | 805-569-2919 F

charretteosi AIM     


“Because Cisco and Juniper are expensive!”


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