Excel Spreadsheets Imported to QuickBooks

Easily Import your data into QuickBooks so you can use Excel to estimate or interface from other systems and QuickBooks for accounting

Any Excel Spreadsheet can be mapped and imported including those with multiple sheets.
No need to put the spreadsheet in a particular format.

  • Import as Estimates or Invoices
  • QuickBook accounts do NOT have to be specified in the spreadsheet.
  • Choose Between Full Detail or Job Description
  • Fills in Custom Fields i.e. Job Location, Contact & Salesman

Automatically Creates:

  • New Customer / New Job
  • Inventory / Non-Inventory Items and Services
  • Invoice or Estimate Information
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Orders

Saves Time & Money of Re-entering and correcting information

Let Excel do the Estimating, QuickBooks the Accounting and we will do the interfacing


Available Now:

We can also customize it just for you - JUST ASK.

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