QuickBooks Conversion to MUNIS

We work with Tyler Technologies to create the XChecks and Journal History ASCII files from your QuickBooks.

Cost depend on the number and size of your QuickBooks companies the number of years of data and the time frame we have to work with.

Starting at $1,499

1. XChecks XLS file created

  • Includes AR and AP
  • Handles Negatives and voided checks

2. Journal History ASCII file (optional)

  • AR
  • AP

 How it Works (The Procedure):

  • You provide the QuickBooks Companies
  • We run various QuickBooks reports
  • We run the reports through our conversion program
  • We send you files ready for import into MUNIS via Tyler Technologies/
  • Several dry runs can be done before cutover

The conversion is done on a mutually agreed upon date, weekends are usually best. Once we have a copy of your data files that we are going to convert, any data entered into your existing accounting system will have to be re-entered into your new system. We usually recommend not entering data into your old system; however, some clients choose to run their new and old systems simultaneously for a period of time until they are comfortable with QuickBooks.

Optional QuickBooks consulting is also available for $125 US/hour.

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