TransImporterQO© for QuickBooks Online.

Import Transactions from Excel files into QuickBooks Online

Editions and Pricing (in US dollars)

Free 30 day trial – does not require credit card.
Full function trial but limited to 200 transactions or lines.

Common to All Editions
  • Works with  QuickBooks Online
  • Is a Windows desktop applications so Windows is required (not a web app).
  • Unlimited users
  • Creates Invoices, Sales Receipts or Estimates
  • Does NOT require header rows with column names
  • Create Time Tracking records (Time Sheets)
  • Setup assistance via a remote session is included
  • Supports Customer Payments linked to invoices
  • From an Excel xls, xlsx, xlsb, csv or tab delimited text file
  • Some XML if can be opened by Excel are supported
  • Easy and flexible mapping of columns
  • No IIF files
  • Can create customers
  • Log of added transactions, customers, etc.
  • Can create items
  • Can have up to 16 description fields grouped together but separated with a character.
  • Can use columns A-AZ
  • Literals can be used in mapping to replace a column field.
  • 1 License supports 1 QuickBooks Company (Diamond Edition supports Multiple QuickBooks Company).
Standard Edition $222/yr – calculates to  about $18/mo
QuickBooks Windows Desktop


  • Standard Edition functions plus
  • Includes Accounts Payable Transactions (Bills, Bill Payments, etc).
  • Lookup of Class, Items, etc. from a table.
  • Customer Payments by Invoice number, amount, or autoapply1 etc.
  • Can update customer’s information
  • Creates Purchase Orders
  • Supports multiple Journal Entries formats
  • Can specify the Excel Sheet Name or number
  • Can use columns A-CZ
  • Can do Sales Transactions and Purchase Transactions in the same run (same rows) if file format allows.
Silver Edition $272/yr – calculates to about $23/mo


  • Silver Edition functions plus
  • Match QuickBooks sub-items to QuickBooks full item name
  • Duplicate Order # checking
  • Customer Payments via multiple matching amounts
  • Dynamic Transaction types on a row by row basis
  • Folder monitoring – automatic importing if a file of a certain pattern has been added to a specified folde.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) so files can be downloaded from an FTP site
  • FTP Monitoring every nn minutes for files that match a pattern to be downloaded and imported
  • Profile (each profile is a separate set of settings).
  • Special processing (i.e Reversal or charge via journal entry), etc1
  • Simple Parsing of cell data to extract parts of the data i.e from ‘Name:Customer Name’ only ‘Customer Name’
  • Can use columns A-IZ
Gold Edition $322/yr  – calculates to about $27/mo

QuickBooks Online

Excel to QuickBooks DIAMOND

  • Above functions plus
  • Support for up to 5 QuickBooks companies (licensing).
Diamond Edition
– calculates to about $74/moFor Accounting/Bookkeeping firms and those within the same business.
Not for franchisees within a franchise or buying clubs/groups.

Excel to QuickBooks

Download trial or production version 

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(Trial limited to 200 transactions or 200 rows per execution)

Non-Diamond Editions are currently licensed by QuickBooks company name (unless otherwise stated). Therefore 1 license can be used for all users for a given QuickBooks Company.

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Currently licensed by QuickBooks company name (unless otherwise stated). Therefore 1 license can be used for all users for a given QuickBooks Company.

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