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Payments are done through major Credit cards and e-Checks via PayPal. We also accept M/C, Visa, and Discover directly but do not accept AmEx (American Express) from our ZenCart Online Store at

Please buy our products via our shopping cart.

Custom programming and consulting must be paid via check ( for US Domestic only) or bank wire transfer (international) for new customers unless other provisions are made.

Checks are only acceptable from US Domestic customers.
Bank Transfer is also available upon request.

You can also make payment here via PayPal:
Or can use our ZenCart Shopping Cart for miscellaneous payment
(use a Quantity of 1 for each $1 US).
You can also submit a Paypal payment to buy at
(take out spaces and use the @ sign instead of At).

We do not accept American Express directly. You can use American Express via Paypal.

You can also purchase from our online ZenCart shopping Cart for selected products.

Checks can also be sent to our snail mail address on our contact page.

AaaTeX Corp.
3408 S. Atlantic Av, #50
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Please view our policies before any work or products are ordered.

For return policies - Click here

Work Policies - Click here

Payment will be considered acceptable of our policy and terms.

Defaulting or non-payment

  • Disputing Credit Card or PayPal charges, retunred checks, and other means of non-payment will be considered a breach of our agreement.The account will immediately become deliquent (no longer in good stand) and inactive. Customer will be responsible for any fee resulting from this action and balance.
  • Non-payment of any invoices over 30 days (unless otherwise agreed to) will cause the account to become deliquent and inactive.
  • There is a $75 US reactivation fee (plus full payment of any other open amount).
  • Inactive or deliquent accounts are not entitled to any support or updates/upgrades until the account is make active again (at the disgression of management).

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