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January 14, 2012



Today AaaTeX announces 2 new versions of the IIFImporter. 

1.      IIFImporter2© product for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  This is a Windows Desktop version. Scheduled for 2Q 2012.

2.      IIFImporter-Anywhere© for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  This is a Web/Cloud version supporting Intuit Anywhere.  Scheduled for release 3Q 2012.


The IIFImporter2© is a follow-up product to the AaaTeXIIFImporter© which has been in the marketplace for about 6 years. The IIFImporter2© is based on the newer Microsoft .net technology to take advantage of new features available.


The IIFImporter2© will do everything that the IIFImporter©  does plus will be including: (not in initial version).

1.      FTP to get and import files

2.      Auto posting of Credit Memo to invoices or sales receipts

3.      Scanning of previously created Credit Memos to post to invoices or sales receipts.

4.      Easier to view dashboard



IIFImporter-Anywhere©  built based of the IIFImporter2© will provide the same functionality as the IIFImporter2©  in time from ‘anywhere’ via the Intuit Anywhere support you will be able to run it from any platform that Intuit Anywhere supports i.e. web sites, tables, mobile devices.


More information including pricing will be made in future announcements.



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