Meter Billing Mgr for Utility Companies, Municipalities, etc.

Starting at: $559.00us

Please Choose:

For the Standard Edition

Standard EDITION
Common to All
Generates Invoices from Excel Spreadsheets or csv/txt files.
May be from the meter's probe or PDA, etc. etc.
Calculates usage from the previous meter reading to current
Keeps the previous reading in QuickBooks®
You do not have to do the subtraction of new reading minus old reading
All Calculations done by the program or QuickBooks®
Supports multiple usage and fix price items
Supports different items, classes, etc. based on Customer Type
Extra precision (ie 6+ decimal places)
Meter Multipliers
Minimum Readings
$439 + $120 Annually after the 1st year

Gold Edition - Standard Edition plus
Up to 6 Billing Scenarios based on customer types
Tiered Billing
Post Card Billing via MS Word Mail Merge
$799 + $170 Annually after the 1st year

Platinum Edition - Gold Edition plus
Up to 5 different readings per file i.e. water, electic, gas, etc.
$999 + $220 Annually after the 1st year

All of the above are Licensed by QuickBooks Company

Diamond Edition - Platinum Edition plus
Up to 20 Billing Scenarios based on customer types
For all your QuickBooks company files
(each license supports 5 QuickBooks company files)
$1,299 + $450 Annually after the 1st year per license

All programs are downloadable.No disk will be sent
You should download the program from our instructions
Then you can install and start the program then activate the program from the
program's menu HELP, Activate/Register using the Company Name, phone and postcode used when you login to purchase the program.

Need for us to help setup the customers and meters?
You can do it yourself but each customer has to be setup to a meter, etc. etc.
This can save hours or days of your setup time
Click here for additional setup options

Save $50 and buy a support plan now.

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