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Questions for New Cart Support

Questions on your QBPOS

What platform is it on? Linux, Windows?

What Database is it using? MySQL, SQL Server?

What language is it written in? PHP, ASP, ASP.NET?

Can you download orders from it?

Can you send us the file(s)?

Hopefully they have column headings?

Does it or your hosting provide support remote access (i.e.ODBC) or other methods?

If SQL based we will need the SQL statements necessary for getting complete orders. Estimates, or Sales Orders with Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items

We also need to know what you are actually doing on your sites.

Overall Structure of how you run your business with your web sites.

Are Orders already paid via Store?

How many stores do you have?

What versions (6, 7)

What Transactions (i.e Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, POs)

Do you need to bring in Credit Card #s?

Do you need to dynamically add customers?

Do you need to dynamically add items?

How are options (i.e color size) handled?

Do you use Custom Fields, if so what for?

Overall Structure of how you run your business with QBPOS.

Multiple stores?

How many QBPOS companies are you using?

Other Questions

Does the lists (i.e. Items, ShipMethods, etc) EXACLTY the same in both systems?

Do you need to UPLOAD data to the web database?

Which Windows operating system are you using?

What we need for Database Interface (not file upload)

Access to Database to view structure, export, SQL tools (i.e. Query Analyzer, phpMyAdmin)

FTP access if a script will be used (not for Remote Access)

Connection String for Remote Access (i.e. ODBC)

SQL SELECT Statement for complete orders

Cart Admin to see what the orders are suppose to look like

Having your files here will help greatly

Remote Access to your system for Setup, TroubleShooting and Training (i.e. XP Remote Assistance or other way for us to see your screens with you).


Does NOT change the cart. Uses remote access via ODBC or a small PHP or ASP script.In worse case we can import from a downloaded file (i.e. XLS,CSV,Tab delimited Text, XML).

Almost any cart can be supported - just send us the files you download.

Have a custom made cart - we can customize our Integrator to work with it.



QuickBooks QBPOS V7

Microsoft Windows 2003, XP, or Vista

Same machine requirements as QuickBooks POS

Microsoft Excel 2003 or later (for other Excel Functions)







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